At its core, yoga is the physical practice of connecting movement with breath... a way to teach our minds to slow down and still the noise - so we can, if we choose, listen to God, Source Energy, or whatever you call the shared spark of Divinity within each one of us, without so much of our "selves" in the way. When we quiet our minds the fight or flight response of our sympathetic nervous systems are also relaxed, automatically switching on our parasympathetic nervous system which allows us to rest, digest, and heal. At Many Rivers II Wellness JOYFUL Yoga is a major component of the healing  process for most every client. As is true for all healing modalities offered through Many Rivers, Yoga is substantiated by a rich body of research. Scientifically proven benefits include stress reductionlower back pain reliefbuilding muscleimproved balance + flexibility, and improved heart health.


Reiki + Yoga

75 Minutes

Reiki + Yoga is a non-heated healing and instruction focused yoga class designed to synchronize breath and movement to work with subtle energy channels to clear or heal blockages that may hold energies no longer serving us. The combination of Reiki (Universal life force energy) healing and Yoga gives the body additional energy to release stress and tension and restore natural ability to heal.

The class for beginners and advanced practitioners includes breathing exercise, slower paced yoga flow with attention to the breath, ancient philosophical text/reading, guided meditation, and an extended savasana/resting pose is complemented by group or individual Reiki treatment.

Tuesdays & Thursdays at 8:00AM
Jai Rhythm Yoga
(175 S. Ventura Ave. Suite 103B, Ventura, California 93001)

Reiki Nidra

60 Minutes

Come and experience the immensely powerful lightness of your being as you comfortably recline in savasana (corpse pose), while consciously dreaming together in a Reiki infused environment. In this Reiki infused class you will receive Reiki individually and in a group setting. May bring relief and lessen symptoms of stress, insomnia, overwhelm, anxiety, worry, and depression. Enjoy a glass of warm moon milk infused with ashwaganda root (many documented benefits for this healing elixir) on your way out as you leave the class.

Private, Small Group & Corporate Sessions

Private 1-on-1, small group, and large group/corporate sessions are available. Please inquire below for rates & scheduling.

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