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SOUL Mentoring I

(3) one-hour sessions

Meditation Scaffolds for Being Still + Knowing 

This programme is designed for those who would like to meditate more but are having a difficult time getting started and sustaining their practice. Participants meditation, pranayama (breathing), and focussing patterns will be supported through guided meditation toward independent practice.

Benefits: Better sleep, improved concentration, stress relief, calming effect, sense of peace and well-being.

SOUL Mentoring II

(4) 90-minute sessions

Believing + Accepting + Surrendering

This programme is the most popular offering outside of Reiki and Yoga for MRIIW. It is for spiritual seekers who wish to learn more about such concepts as grounding, spiritual protection, the chakra system, energy healing, universal spiritual laws, chord cutting, connecting to their own ancestral lineages, individual healing journeys, auras, the use of crystals, full and new moon influences, etc. Curricula are tailor-made and created for each individual based on what it is they would like to learn.

Benefits: Clarity, increased connection to God/ Source and Divine nature within, better understanding of self and others, ability to harness energy and use to serve the highest and greatest good.

SOUL Mentoring III

coming soon!

This is your opportunity to become Certificated in Reiki I and Reiki II.

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