Reiki with the Wisdom Sisters :

Lorri Many Rivers Santamaria + Kim García

Experience The Power of III, that is the two of us + you, in a unique and powerful Usui/Holy Fire® Reiki using a technique we developed together for clients in Bali Indonesia. If you find that Reiki is a modality that resonates with you toward creating optimal health, clearing, subtle energy alignment, and well-being then we invite you try receiving it with us. Kim will be in a Ventura for these sessions with me, Many Rivers, once a month beginning June 11 for four sessions only. Sign up quick if you are keen to experience the Power of III.


About Kim 

Kim has studied holistic nutrition, essential oil therapy, yoga, meditation, depression, world religion, cultural anthropology and most recently, Reiki. She is most passionate about inspiring women, men and children to live fully integrated, purposeful and fulfilling lives through their own inner strength from our highest source.