Dr. Lorri ‘Many Rivers’ Santamaría

Reiki Master teacher + Yogi + Soul Mentor


Beyond uniquely sourced identity-based wisdom and healing modalities, Many Rivers II Wellness offers clients the rare combination of continuous specialized training, knowledge, experience, and practice of spiritually grounded Yoga (hatha, restorative, nidra yoga), meditation guidance, and Usui/ Holy Fire Reiki as research grounded complementary healing practices. These life enhancements are offered as specifically designed and personalized teaching and learning opportunities for individuals and groups seeking self-care tools and wellness toward living healthier more balanced lives.

Dr. Lorri Many Rivers has always been a life-long learner, teacher, and healer. Before practicing complementary medicine, she worked in the fitness industry (aerobics and West African Dance) and taught school while working on her doctorate. She completed her PhD in Special Education, Rehabilitation, and School Psychology from the University of Arizona in 2000. Today, in addition to being an active professional wellness advocate, Dr. Many Rivers is a seasoned researcher and published author in the fields of multicultural/multilingual education, social justice + equity in education,  and educational leadership. For over a decade she worked as a university Professor of Multicultural Multilingual Education in Southern California and still works as a Professor of Educational Leadership in New Zealand and at  California State University San Marcos while residing in Southern California.

Many Rivers initially studied and received yoga, wellness, and healing certification in Auckland, New Zealand following a life-changing diagnosis, multiple surgeries, chemotherapy, and after-care involved in what has become an ongoing cancer journey. She relies on deep faith, ancient healing wisdom, alternative medicine, and tenants of her identity as a Spanish speaking, Spanish born, Black African American Louisiana Creole of American Indian (Choctaw) descent, to navigate her healing process. Many Rivers' real world experience with cancer now includes neuropathy (nerve damage), immunotherapy, and radiation bringing a deeper understanding and empathy to practitioners and patients on a shared path. 

As a Doctor of Philosophy and researcher, Dr. Many Rivers continually investigates, tests, and incorporates the most effective, natural, ethical, and most highly evolved healing protocols to her rigorous professional training program. This includes Master Teacher certification in Third Degree Usui/ Holy Fire Reiki,  the study of plant based essential oils (dōTERRA - aromatherapy, ingestion + topical application), and the study and application of indigenous Mixteco/ Indigenous healing with theMixteco/Indígena Community Organizing Project.

Today, even as Many Rivers moves closer to restored personal health and wellness, she taps the deep well of her educational, professional, and holistic medical training, ongoing health journey, and rich personal experiences, in order to lead you and others toward healing, happiness, and optimal wellbeing.


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Kim García

Kim has studied holistic nutrition, essential oil therapy, yoga, meditation, depression, world religion, cultural anthropology and most recently, Reiki. She is most passionate about inspiring women, men and children to live fully integrated, purposeful and fulfilling lives through their own inner strength from our highest source.

Kim has been married to the love of her life and soulmate for 34 years with whom she has raised three amazing children. She loves to travel, experience the art, and learn about people through conversation and healing. Kim has run marathons, was a leader at her church, volunteered at the Stanford cancer center, coached youth soccer and track and hosts musicians who travel to Lake Tahoe to perform. She loves making new connections and being involved in community groups and events.

Kim has walked down many paths throughout her journey and is becoming more and more comfortable with the questions and obstacles along the way. She has generously given to other people and supported other's success but often wondered about her own purpose. As Kim began to peel back the layers, she uncovered her fate as a healer that she was previously resistant to. She has been healing her children, her husband, friends, family and strangers all her life and is excited to practice Reiki as she embraces her calling.